Leisa O’Brien – ‘Greenmount Sunset’

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I’m always inspired by the raw beauty of light and that combined with my fascination with water is the inspiration of most of my artworks as I live near the beach on the Southern part of the Gold Coast. This was my view one afternoon after a surf at Greenmount Beach and it resonated with me that when you are witnessing something like a stunning sunset, your mind usually is clear of negative or chaotic thoughts and you are just in that moment. Nature takes us OUT of our heads at a time in life where we are mostly stuck inside our own thoughts. So my hope is that when people look at my painting- no matter what’s going on in their minds or their lives, they are always transported to a quiet, still moment where all is right in that time.

Dimensions: 94 x 44 cms

Framed: No

The reserve price on this piece is: $850

Item condition: New

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Leisa O’Brien’s artworks exhibit a polished understanding of her subject, enticing the viewer into her connectedness with water and light. Her love of being in and around the ocean is a prominent theme in Leisa’s paintings. Her intent is to portray a balance between showing the raw beauty and power of the ocean through her technical mastery and it’s mood and energy, by her insightful use of colour and tone.

“I want to transport the viewer to a remembered or even imagined place – where emotive thought holds them captive and colour both stimulates and soothes them. Almost everyone has a strong memory attached to the beach and ocean that they carry with them for their entire lives. I want my art to be the portal to that feeling- that memory.”

The potent combination of technique and emotive expression is why we tend to feel drawn into Leisa’s artworks as if you can taste the salt spray or feel the sun’s rays on your face.

Her artworks are in Private Collections in London, Egypt, France and the Caribbean. She has won a Global Online Art Award, and her artworks have repeatedly been Finalists in several Art prizes.

Leisa’s mastery of her seascapes sees her in high demand as a teacher. Along with running annual local and national Art Workshops, she teaches local classes, runs online courses, and has taught around Australia and Internationally (Southern France).

“My connection with the ocean is very strong. It’s my place to recharge, my place of healing and a great source of joy. I have an overwhelming urge to express my love and awe for its power, energy and beauty.”

Website: http://www.leisaoart.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leisa.obrien.artist/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leisaobrienartist/

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