Marie Delany – ‘Alluring’

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A composition illustrating the powerful attraction of light energy. The purple acrylic colour used is a vibrant dioxidised purple. The grandeur of purple offers a mystic atmosphere and is united with the wisdom of blue. Embellished with gold-leaf and painted flourishes for a 3-dimensional element.

Dimensions: 54 x 44 cms and 2.54 in depth

Framed: Yes

Reserve price on this piece is $280

Item condition: New


Marie was born and educated in Sydney and moved to Hobart in 2000 with her family. Painting has always been a platform where she feels free to translate a deeply personal appreciation and fondness for life. Marie has developed her own original style which illustrates the world and her connection in it, as both mysterious and marvelous.

Marie’s artwork is influenced by personal experiences and literature that impart a truth and reflect concepts of the vital force and its interconnectedness. She connects intellect and emotion to paint optimistic images and is very focused on colour relationships, their profound emotional influences and how it effects the viewer.

Marie aims to evoke feelings of love, hope and salvation from inner turmoil through vibrant colours and detailed textures. With painterly exuberance she produces images that will brighten any space.

Marie gains great peace and joy through painting and hopes the viewer feels the same.



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