Stephanie Reggardo – ‘Untitled (Line Face)’

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I was struggling with stress at the time of making this piece, and when I am stressed, it makes keeping my epilepsy at bay more difficult. Every morning and night, I take my purple Epilim pills and look in the mirror at the dark rings around my eyes, and one day I decided that what I see would make for decent inspiration for a piece of art – I’m always searching for inspiration from daily life.

Being stressed when you are an epileptic is not fun, it just makes everything worse.

Dimensions: A4 29.7 x 21cms

Framed: No

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Stephanie Reggardo, aka stephreg, is a 21 year old contemporary artist based in Victoria, Australia. Originally from the East Gippsland region, stephreg has since moved to the Central Highlands in order to complete her university studies. Last year, she graduated from her Bachelor of Visual Arts, and is currently undertaking a Masters in Teaching (Secondary), in hopes to soon become a high school art teacher.

Stephreg has always had a passion for the arts, and in the last few years has had a focus on self expression as well as expressing issues such as depression, anxiety and epilepsy – her animation “Myoclonic”, 2018, she claims is her best piece yet (video can be found on YouTube). She’s also had quite a focus on jellyfish.



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