How do I bid?

It’s easy.  Simply go to the Auction Listings page and click on a piece of artwork that you like. If you’re logged in already, just place a bid. If you’re not logged in, the site will prompt you to login or create an account if you don’t yet have one, this will include your name, email address and contact phone number. We need your phone number so we can confirm for you if you are the winning bidder! See our privacy information here.

Can anyone purchase?

Yes. As long as you are over 18 years of age you are eligible to bid. Once a bid has been placed it cannot be retracted.

What dollar increments can I bid in?

The amounts are set differently for each piece of art.  Please click on an artwork you like to view the set increments.

Will I be notified if I’m outbid?

Yes! When you’re the leading bidder, you’ll be able to see it on the auction listings page and on the page of the artwork. If somebody else comes along and takes that position, we’ll notify you of that.

How do I know if I have won the artwork?

You will be sent an email notification once the piece you have bid on closes (please check the closing date of your piece in the artwork details as some end sooner than others).

What payment options can I use if I am the winning bidder? 

We encourage successful bidders to process their payments securely through Paypal, using the “pay now” link that will be sent to the successful bidder. There, you can use a Paypal account if you have one, or any one of the major credit cards to pay online. You can also pay by direct deposit into our bank account. If you would like to make other payment arrangements please contact us at [email protected] or 1300 37 45 37 and we can assist you, please note this may introduce a small delay in arranging delivery of your artwork.

When do I need to pay? 

We request the winning bidders to be in touch with us within 24 hours of the auction finishing and ask for payment to be made within 48 hours unless otherwise discussed. If the winning bidder does not complete payment within 1 week of the close of the auction, Epilepsy Action Australia reserves the right to offer the auction item either to the next highest bidder or to re-auction the item.

Does the artwork come framed?

Some artworks listed on the auction are framed.  If the artwork is framed it will say so on the Auction Listing page for each piece of art.

Is delivery included in the price or is this additional cost to me?

The cost of delivery of the artwork is covered by you as the buyer. If you are the winning bidder we will put you in touch with the artist directly to arrange the delivery of your piece. Once the artist has your address details they will provide a quote for the postage/delivery of your artwork for you to approve. Once the artist has received payment for the delivery they will then immediately release the artwork. For your reference, the state where each artwork is will be detailed on the Auction Listing page under each piece of artwork.

How long will my artwork take to get to me?

Once the auction closes, your artwork will be sent out to you as soon as delivery is arranged between you (the winning bidder) and the artist. We aim for this to be completed within 2 weeks.

If I am not successful in my bid can I still make a donation to the cause?

Yes of course, we would love your support. You can donate through our website or by calling 1300 37 45 37.

Can I contact the artist direct if I am unsuccessful in my bid but still want to purchase another of their artworks?

Yes.  On the Auction Listings page there’s a section that lists the artist’s bio and details.

How will my bid money be spent helping people with epilepsy?

Funds raised from the auction will go towards providing education and support services across Australia to people living with epilepsy, their families and community, and professional groups.

When does bidding close?

Please check individual artworks for their closing date (you can find this in the artwork listing page).

Why does my favourite artwork bidding close earlier than the end of the month?

Based on feedback from past years, the overwhelming view was that a month was too long to wait for the auction to end; so this year we’re trialling a new process where each auction is only 2 weeks duration, but there’s new pieces being added to the site every week. If you can’t find something to bid on, make sure to bookmark the site and come keep visiting to see what’s new! You can find the closing details of each piece on the artwork listing page.

Can I bid on my mobile or tablet?

The site is optimised to work on all devices, so you can bid-on-the-run and be certain you win that coveted piece!

What are the dimensions of the artwork? 

All dimension details are written directly below the artwork description when you click on a piece of art that you’re interested in on the Auction Listings page.

Are there any fees or charges to bid?

No.  It’s free to bid so go crazy and bid on anything that you like!


Happy bidding!

If you have an enquiry that isn’t covered here, please call 1300 47 35 47 or email us at [email protected] and we’ll get straight onto it for you.  Thank you so much for your support and generosity.